Mary Ann Bruno - SJHS Class of '68

Mary Ann Bruno (now DeMarco) and her husband Joe live in Pine Hill, NJ.  They have 4 children -  Andrew, Michelle, Jeffery, and Adam.  Mary Ann is a customer service rep for Edmund Scientific.

Mary Ann's  e-mail address is


Mary Ann Bruno DeMarco
Pine Hill, NJ

Accomplishments: What makes me the happiest is my wonderful family and dear friends. Seeing my children grow into fine adults who make my husband and me proud. The friendships that started in high school and are still strong today.

Memories: Freshman year in Sister Michaelita's room - the light over her desk went out and Frank came into the room with the ladder and new bulb. Frank climbed up and dropped the light bulb. The bulb exploded and Frank said the "F" word - everyone laughed. Frank finished the job. Sister Michaelita then explained that Frank's remark was to be forgotten - like it never happened. John Giacobbe dressed as Napoleon. Mrs. Coyle getting fed up with the boys spying on the girls in the locker room and opening the door adjoining the rooms. That's when I saw John Giacobbe naked. I was scared for life! French II with Miss Szumska, for those who were there, will you ever forget the jock strap and Victor Hugo?

Future: Travel with my husband and friends. See England again with Dianne DeMusis Sweeney and go to Italy. Make money to be comfortable by retirement. Spoil my grandchildren.