Larry Dombrowski - SJHS Class of '68

Larry lives in Merchantville, NJ.


Larry Dombrowski - Merchantville, NJ

Accomplishments: Overcoming a few unforeseen obstacles early on forming and raising our family. Obstacles successfully overcome only with the faithful support of my loving wife Lancy. Raising four children who have accomplished much more than I ever did.

Memories: Chemistry class Junior year with Tom McHugh. As bona fide class clowns we were standing at separate lab counters during class because of plying our trade. Tom was at the one ahead of me. Mine had a working barometer from which I extracted a small amount of hydrochloric acid (unknown to me at the time, showing my dearth of chemical knowledge). With which I then proceeded to sprinkle Tom's neck. A minute later poor Tom had red welts on his neck which Sister Amadea had to rinse at the sink to relieve Tom's suffering. For some reason I don't remember my punishment, had to be time spent with Mr. Plocharski in detention.

Future: Continue making money for nothing and spending it on trips and grand kids.