John Holloway

John was with the class of 68 into our sophomore year. 
 He graduated from Triton in 1969. Read his e-mail messages
 and Triton reunion info below for more details. 
 John's e-mail address is

November 17, 2004

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your email.  I did look at the 35 year reunion website.  I found it interesting that I remembered more of my classmates of 1968 than I did the class of 1969 from Triton.  Many of my classmates I remembered from grade school at St. Teresa's.  Anyway sure, I will give you an update of my life today with a photo and the Triton 35 year reunion questionnaire (see attached)

Professionally, I had many careers and over the last 40/years. I never liked the traditional school of thought, obviously. Life is definitely a journey which I find utterly fascinating. I am completing writing a book about life experiences that invokes the true self (the consciousness) as apposed to the biological self. (the body and our biological circumstances).  Today I work as an entrepreneur first investing in real estate and other businesses. Then as a financial consultant and professional coach to assist individuals to get out of debt, fast.  The website for this business is always a work in progress.  I am going to network this business across America with any luck.  (Still a dreamer of making my mark).

My hometown address: 533 Bowers Ave, Runnemede, N.J. 08078.  My mom, God bless her, is still living at the house, she is 82 years old.  The same house she raised 9 children.  I am the oldest son.  One of the many reasons I dropped out of school at 16 was that same house caught fire and was uninhabitable.  There is plenty more to my past that may be frightening to some though I get a kick at looking back on those days.  While at the time it seemed difficult it is nothing today looking at the big picture.

Frank, I appreciate you including me in the class of 1968.  You've done a great job putting the website together. Keep me updated on the big 40th reunion that should be fun.

John Holloway

November 16, 2004

Hello Frank,

Good job on a contact list for the class of 1968.  While I dropped out of St. Joe's my sophomore year, I still have the memories of many of my classmates.  I graduated grade school at St. Teresa's in Runnemede in 1964.  I did graduate H.S. after dropping out for a year at Triton in 1969.

John Holloway



Information for the Reunion Booklet

NAME:   John Holloway (Jack) I have called myself John for the last few years as a memorial to both my son John and my father John who are deceased.  My son died of a drug overdose and my dad died in an auto accident.  Life goes on and I am very happy to celebrate each and every day.

PRESENT ADDRESS:  1069 East 7700 South, Midvale, UT   84047
PHONE:  801-568-9385 or 801-562-5500
FAMILY INFO:  Divorced
SPOUSE’S NAME:  Significant other, Sharon Green from the Boston area, met recently in Utah.
CHILDREN (NAMES & AGES): John Holloway, deceased January 8th, 1997,  Steve Holloway, 31 years old

HIGH POINTS SINCE GRADUATION: Honestly, I find experience is the best teacher.  The longer I live, the more excited I become about my relationship with the world outside my own skin.  The conditioning that I have experienced while I was young has played a significant role as to who I have become as a person.  If I am going to sum up in just a couple of lines, I would have to say “letting go” has been the high point since graduation. 

MESSAGES AND/OR MEMORIES:  A message I would have for anyone who would so remotely remember me, let alone care what I would have to say now after 35 years.  Okay here goes nothing.  Live your own life, be true to your own inner voice and never, never, give up on your dreams of doing what you love and loving what it is you do.

Good Luck!!!!