Susan Pomelear - SJHS Class of '68


Susan Pomelear Harker - Marlton, NJ


  • Married Bill Harker in June 1970 (sadly he died in 1997 just 2 months after his 48th birthday).
  • Earned my cosmetology license and managed a salon where I earned a cruise to the Bahamas and a nine day trip to Hong Kong.
  • Owned and operated my own salon for four years until a brain aneurysm brought my career to a close.
  • Raised three wonderful daughters and walked each down the aisle in Bill's absence
  • Enjoying every single minute of life.
  • Loving 5 beautiful grandchildren: Alex, Juliet, Ryder, Marcello and Rowen.


  • Getting away with pranks in Mr. Lux's class. He loved me and Sally Huntley. (I am sorry that some of our antics got some boys a detention).
  • Making a tree for "Springtime".
  • Senior year LOCKERS!!
  • Being THE Bison (did anyone know that?).


  • To keep enjoying life . . . it is so precious and way too short.
  • To impart as much wisdom to my grands, without seeming to be an old lady.