Pat Stevenson - SJHS Class of '68

Pat and his wife Diane live in Georgia.


Pat Stevenson - Gainesville, GA

Accomplishments: Made it back from Viet Nam, a surveyor for 8 years. Attained aviation tech school and GA State U. Worked Bristow offshore helicopter group, Eastern Airlines and Lockheed Martin Aero, programs: C-5 heavy cargo, C-130's, P-3 Orion 16 years, and F-22 Raptor Jet Fighter for18 years. FAA aircraft / power plant mechanic, lead mechanic supervisor and systems specialist, retired after 34 years.

Memories: All the great people and times at St.Joe's. Basketball and football games, and school plays. School dances at Collingswood High, Bishop Eustace, Pope Paul VI, and Union Field. Wildwood, Atlantic City and Sea Isle Beach. Great food of the area. New York Shipyard. Philadelphia arts and all parts, and all the great music of the area.

Future: Enjoy retirement, traveling the country, being with family and friends. Just enjoying life with good food, wine and Wild Turkey Honey.